What We Do

Team Building

Kay Sarginson, Inc. is a woman-owned, independent executive search firm operating within the consumer product group (CPG) consulting market.  This singular focus, along with our vast experience and first-hand knowledge of accounting, engineering, human resources, IT, sales, marketing and supply chain makes us an invaluable asset in selecting the finest mix of talent for your organization.

Our recruitment and placement efforts extend across a broad range of professional positions, including executive management, project management, and business development.  We do not just fill empty chairs; we assist in putting the team together.

At Kay Sarginson, Inc. we know how the right individual in the right position can propel your competitive advantage.  We take the time to nurture and understand of the dynamic business landscape in which you operate.  It’s not only our job to comprehend your business but also to possess deep perspectives about your customers and your competitors.   All of these contexts, consisting of multiple “big-picture” variables, are critical elements to consider when searching for the best match.  We become an integral part of the team building process.

On an organizational level, we also consider the framework of your operations.  A new hire, whether in management or operations, is only one part of the whole. This particular person must fit the organization, business, line, office, team and clientele all at the same time.  An improper fit on any of these levels can translate into a short tenure, which is never the goal of any critical hiring decision.  While a ‘technical’ fit might get the job done, a ‘cultural’ fit will produce a valuable and enduring partnership.

At Kay Sarginson, Inc. success is being a key part of building the team.